New Year, NO new me Bullshit

img_9755Another year has gone, another year has come….

This year I decided not to go with the same old bullshit new year resolutions that we tend to make every year.. No new health regime, no new out with the old in the with new me garbage. I made NONE.

Why do we put ourselves through such constringent regimes when we should be just embracing the moment and living in that moment?

I live my life with integrity, honesty, simplified and I’m content with who I am so I’m actually just going to go with the flow at what life offers me.

 I know that I have to make some major decisions in the direction that I’m heading but hey there is no rush.

This year I’m embracing everything as the person I am, where that will lead me who knows but hey I am ready for the adventure.

Wishing you all a happy new year and please live in the moment 🙂 



#Newyear # newyearresolutions #life

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