The Art of letting go……

As I sit here on the beach on the El Nido Islands I contemplate the art of letting go. 

There comes a time in all our lives that we all want to let go of something; this could be a situation; expectations;  dreams or even personal experiences. 

What is the art of letting go?……… I’m still struggling with this in my life.

Deep down in your mind you know that the only solution for you is to let go but why do we have this energy, this force that keeps pulling us back to whatever it is that we are trying to let go of?

I’ve tried numerous outlets, spiritual rituals, reiki, meditation to just trying not to think about it, you name it I’ve done it….

Maybe were not meant to let go?

Maybe the universe wants us to be where we exactly are?

Who knows all I can do is live my life the best way I know take the new opportunities and experience every adventure, take every risk with the feeling of not being able to let go within my heart and cherish what I feel and embrace it……but keep moving on! 

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