Learning to live a simplified life


After a long stressful working life and having a family; 2012 was the year that I decided there has to be more to my life. 

It just seemed that my life revolved around my children, work, family and of course my wonderful beautiful friends.

My own thoughts constantly had me questioning, what was the meaning of life for me?, is this why I am here? 

All these questions that I was trying to resolve in my own thoughts, feelings just didn’t leave me.. I was sure that there was more to this.

This brings me to my favourite author Paulo Coelho and his book The Alchemist.. Reading his book numerous years prior, I started to reflect on his messages and actually took the courage, took the risk and decided that 2012 was the year.

I quit my job, packed up the house and bought one way ticket to the country of my origins Turkey…

During all this, I was also dealing with a daughter who was experiencing emotional imbalance and looking at her I decided this was the time that she and I would experience this adventure and take a step back and slow the pace and mind. Learn to live a much simpler life.

It took a long time convincing her,  she was a teenager after all. This was a huge step for her as she was leaving her friends, her life back in Australia.

On first thought this was a huge step in a direction that I didn’t even know where I was heading, I had visited the country many times on short holidays but to actually live there was going to be an adventure.  

All along I think my soul and heart wanted to experience this unknown adventure. Growing up in a Turkish family in Australia I had a fair idea of the cultural aspects but nothing as to living in the country.

What could go wrong? I think that keeping my mind positively on the challenge and what I wanted to achieve really helped a lot and we were fortunate to have family that supported us.

After a month in Ankara with family my daughter and I decided we would move to Bodrum a beautiful coastal town in Turkey. We had holidayed in Bodrum numerous times and loved the lifestyle it could offer us. .

We landed in Bodrum booked ourselves into a smaill hotel and started the hunt for our home for the next 7 months. It wasn’t easy but we found a 1 bedroom apartment close to the water with water views but very very simple, it didn’t hold the comforts of what we were use too in Australia, but hey we had a roof over our heads and the opportunity to learn to live a simplified life and that is exactly what I was yearning for.

I can say this experience has taught me that my life actually doesn’t need all the things that I was use too. No big house, no flashy car, no comforts so my life now today is so much based on a much simpler version of what my needs are……

I live in the moment, I take the risks and experience all that I can possibly experience. I don’t live for tomorrow.

Stay tuned as my next blog will be about Bodrum.. The city I fell in love with! 

Here’s a few pics of our view from our home! 

My daughter and me! 

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